Top 5 Best Hat Trends You NEED Right Now!

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Hats on! If you’ve been trying for so long to find the best accessories that will give you a more refined, edgy look, this may be your best shot in achieving the style you have always desired! I have a secret to tell, maybe some of you have jumped in on the wagon or have not tried. Stop spending your cash on accessories that will not give you the style of your dreams.

As a woman who loves fashion, I’ve tried different accessories to match with my outfit. One of my most coveted styles is a hat. A hat can alter any outfit into fashionably chic ways. It is a celebration of fashion for women all over the world. So let’s dig in on the top 5 hottest hat trends you need in your life right now.

Here’s the 5 Trendiest Hats You shouldn’t miss

  1. The Beret:

Although it originated from France and considered as the “Parisian Chic” style, women from around the world have worn it for decades. It’s an artist’s favorite and amongst hat aficionados! Since it is for the creative type, it’s best-loved by fashionistas! Berets are mainly for casual look until recently that it had become a dressier type. When wearing a beret, make sure that it fits perfectly. You can wear it either pulled to the side or even pulled down. Get that hint of Parisian glamour anywhere you go.

2. The Jockey:

Do you love good sports hat? And if the answer is yes, this may be your best bet yet! Jockey hats are short brim minimalist hat usually made of felt or wool. It is an excellent alternative to a baseball cap since it’s a close-fitting cap. A fashion-forward look for any day and occasion. Although it is effortless to wear, it doesn’t fall short on the decorative elements. You have to choose your colors wisely and rock this hat with confidence. Sports lovers, this one’s for you.

3. The Beanie:

Here’s to the dreadfully cold months! Unless you want to freeze your brains out! Beanies are the most popular winter hat for women. Since it comes in different shapes, colors, and fabrics, the options are endless! Who doesn’t love to keep warm and snuggly when it’s freezing outside? Or maybe you are having a bad hair day? Keep that frizzy hair in! Beanies can give you the right dose of comfort, confidence, and style. They look cute for your fall/winter outfit. Have fun and be a little badass while you make that casual outfit to perfection.

4. The Classic:

The charm of a truly classic piece of accessory! Amidst the famous fedora and the floppy hat comes a round top hat with a wide brim to protect your eyes from the sun. Although made from a softer felt, it is still sturdy enough to maintain its shape and form that can give the wearer a unique look. Do you love a classic, timeless style with a modern twist? If you want to elevate an outfit elegantly, this hat will take you miles apart! Since it is very versatile, you can use it whether formal or informal occasions choose the material wisely.

5. The Fedora:

Alas! The popular fedora. It is easy to spot a fedora, it has a tear-drop shape, low sitting crown, and a medium curled brim. Although it is usually from felt or wool, nowadays it is made from different fabrics and materials. Yes, even leather! Before it used to be a dress hat but now you can use it with anything. Fedoras are worn pull down on the head to sit just right above the brow line. The trendiest and an extremely flattering hat for women right now. The choice is limitless.

Since I’ve had my full share of accessory mishaps along the way and I want to share with you all how not to over-accessorize. Less is always more! So why stick to just earrings, necklaces, bags, and the rest boring pieces? When you can look and feel elegant and sophisticated in a very subtle way.

My go-to accessory is a hat because it can BEAUTIFULLY FRAME THE FACE. How trendy do you want to be? Or do you want to make that impression? Hats are a hot commodity right now! And if you are a beginner in hat fashion, fret not! First, pick an outfit and add a hat to complete and complement the style. And always remember, practice makes perfect. There’s NO LIMIT in styling a great outfit! Make it exquisite and noteworthy. 

Do you want to stand out in a crowd full of gorgeous and stylish women? Yes! Hat fashion is in. Feel chic, the woman that you are. Be bold, be fearless, and make that statement memorable, express yourself. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Do you want more of my FASHION TIPS and TRICKS? to follow my journey on how to make a day-to-day outfit extraordinary.