What to Wear with Every Shoe Color

So, you love shoes! I guess or should I say, I know every girl loves their shoes. We can’t get enough of them. Yeah, the dilemma we are all facing! Let’s be honest. Regardless of how much bright popping shoe color we have, we still go back to our neutrals for some reason. 

Now, how do you make your shoe color work with your outfit? A lot of thinking goes with it, I know! Neutral color shoes are safer options while the bold color shoes are the attention-seeking ones, let’s dig in!

The Neutrals

Black Shoes: 

A real classic! Who doesn’t own a pair of black shoes has missed on its magic. You can wear this with almost anything. However, the key to looking your best is in the balance. Monochromatic never goes out of style! So, create the perfect outfit with a pop of color in your trouser, skirt, or blouse. Black shoes are an essential item in every woman’s closet. 

Nude Shoes: 

The illusion of longer legs. Shoes that almost match your skin tone will set an illusion. While still quite basic, nude shoes can make a great neutral alternative to black. This piece goes with every color in your wardrobe and is a perfect choice when black shoes seem too dark. Try out a pair of nude shoes when you’re wearing outfits in white, cream, or blush and you’ll feel the difference. The color also looks great when paired with statement pieces as it naturally falls to the background.

White Shoes: 

A major head-turner for fall and winter! With white heels, you can come up with countless outfit ideas. Their color offers a lot of versatility and the contrasting color outfit restrictions are not present. These shoes can transition itself whether, everyday occasions, the office, or a nightcap with friends. This shoe color goes best with a neutral or pastel color outfit with a few white accents, bright shades with a few white accents, or whites, creams, and greys will look great too.

Bold Colors:

Red Shoes:

The daring shoes! Red means bold, fierce, and as passionate as the color. A great piece to add an extra punch to your outfit. Whether it is a plain white shirt or a black dress, a red shoe will surely complete that look and a statement maker. Don’t forget to match your red shoe with gold, blue, pink, orange and grey. These are your perfect combo that will take your whole look to another level.

Pink Shoes:

A favorite color for spring! Though there are different shades of pink, you need to look for the one that compliments your skin type. Make your shoes as the bright accent in a toned-down color outfit. Whether it is grey, black, white blouses. White, black, navy blue or blue denim will also look great when paired with pink shoes. So, don’t forget to be playful when wearing pink shoes!

Yellow Shoes:

The color of sunshine! Spring/summer are no fun without these bold and bright colors! Always avoid clashing colors when it comes to yellow. This color goes best with neutrals, black and white, and green and blue. Try which ones are best for you. So, cheer up buttercup because this is the color of fun and confidence!

Green Shoes:

Green footwear has taken the fashion stage by storm! This unique shoe choice not only shows off your adventurous and incredible sense of style, but you can also make them the focal point of your outfit. From bold, grassy shades to the aurora borealis, there is no doubt that this is a trend that gives you extra fashion points. The unique thing about a statement shoe is that you don’t really need to worry about the rest of your look. You can mix textures by pairing the print of your shoes to the print of whatever other printed piece you are wearing. The colors don’t even have to be the same as long as lines and shapes have something in common. It’s a minimal effort that delivers an interesting twist.

Blue Shoes:

Blue is black’s, favorite cousin. This color is not just for fall/winter but also a favorite for the warmer weather. You can mix and match this shoe with green, yellow, neutrals, and orange. Always consider the hue so your colors won’t clash. Look your best like a royal when rocking this color!

Animal Print:

Animal print on clothing and accessories always seem to pop in and out, so you can always be confident when you have some tested animal print fashion staples in your closet.
Even a small addition of animal patches can create a real vibrancy and it is the most classic and versatile print known in the world of fashion. When styled with statement items, the magic power of python or leopard print can add a great addition to your outstanding style. The trick is to use this bold print in the right dose! Rocking animal prints is the sign of a true fashionista.

There are so many color options for your footwear. You can create different outfits by mixing and matching your wardrobe with your shoes. From casual to a formal setting, it’ll be a good idea to create a balanced outfit from head to toe. 

Style is very personal from person to person. Always wear what makes you happy, but don’t be afraid to try something new. Experimenting with different colors, patterns, fabrics are a big part of fashion that you don’t want to miss. 

When building an outfit around your shoes, make sure you put your best foot forward! Feel great, look fabulous, and rock it with confidence. 

What is your favorite shoe color? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to get updates on my latest style guides.


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