Accessories are the easiest way to give your summertime outfits personality. The perfect belt, hat, sunglasses, earrings or handbag can absolutely define your outfit, and help you make the most of what’s already in your closet. These summer accessories will not only make your outfits look current, but they’ll also stay in style for years.

Although winter is still here, you know that the cold won’t last that long somehow. Let’s take a few steps ahead, shall we, can you smell the flowers bloom, because I certainly can! 

While basics are the glue that binds our ensembles together, statement details are the cherry on top of the cake. Statement pieces offer personalized essence to make your outfit more you! It’s important to choose something with an eye-catching detail that will allow it to shine and make it memorable.

So, you love shoes! I guess or should I say, I know every girl loves their shoes. We can’t get enough of them. Yeah, the dilemma we are all facing! Let’s be honest. Regardless of how much bright popping shoe color we have, we still go back to our neutrals for some reason. 

A good pair of pants is difficult to find. You need to know your body shape and the cut that fits you perfectly. But, the good thing is there are so many different choices nowadays. From denim to dungarees, pants or trousers are not just for men. Amen to that! 

Fashion is all about using clothes to bring out something about yourself. It’s a matter of creativity and using whatever you feel like wearing to convey a message. I love picking out outfits, trying on clothes, and finding the perfect look. The rule here is that there are no rules. The trick with black and white outfits is to know how to combine fabrics, and shapes to get a balanced look.

Slay it, ladies! It’s time for some gorgeous skirts this season. No matter what your age or body shape, the best-kept secret is to know how to wear a skirt that fits you perfectly. Skirts come in a wide variety of lengths and types and this comprehensive guide explains the differences and how to wear them.

Hats on! If you’ve been trying for so long to find the best accessories that will give you a more refined, edgy look, this may be your best shot in achieving the style you have always desired! I have a secret to tell, maybe some of you have jumped in on the wagon or have not tried.

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